Locked Down

I am a young queer photographer in the Newcastle area whose photographic work focuses mainly on portraiture, architecture, & nature. I also have a keen interest in social commentary & activism. I draw a lot of inspiration from artists such as Nan Goldin, Brandon Woelfel, Ai Weiwei, & William Eggleston. Studying the Diploma of Photography & Photo Imaging at TAFE over the past couple of years has definitely introduced me to many new ways of looking through the viewfinder, enabling me to become more creative in my artistic processes. I would love to delve into more travel photography (once the pandemic lessens in severity, of course) & work on more cultural & historical photography in new places. Aside from finding me behind the camera, you can also find me often sitting on the lounge, eating junk food, watching television or playing video games with my cats & puppy close by.

"The images that lay before you were created just before and during the pandemic lockdown of 2021, which definitely adds more gravitas to each of them. Completing such art with the stress of being virtually imprisoned in one's home for weeks on end, with no end date given, has highlighted the talent and creativity of the 8 artists featured within these pages. These monochrome images convey each individual style. Even though these challenging circumstances have sometimes taken the photographers out of the comfort zone of their preferred topic, their individual talent and styles shine through... Rachel Canon's images, which they capture and edit in their own unique style, reflect their environment and personal interests exquisitely with a depth and sincerity." - Mark St Clair

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