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Photoshoot Voucher (1 Hour)

$200.00 AUD

The following terms & conditions establishes a business relationship between Rachel Cannon Photography (hereby referred to as PHOTOGRAPHER) & CLIENT for the purpose of EVENT. By purchasing this voucher, CLIENT accepts these terms & conditions.

PHOTOGRAPHER phone: 0431221010

The total cost for EVENT covers equipment, road travel up to 30km, time taken to both shoot & edit, & some delivery.

PHOTOGRAPHER limits editing to include (where deemed necessary) white balance, temperature, tint, exposure, brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, clarity, vibrance, & saturation. Slight imperfections may be edited out, so long as they do not compromise the integrity of the original image (left to PHOTOGRAPHER interpretation).

EVENT may only be rescheduled within less than 48 hours of EVENT in case of the following circumstances: injury to PHOTOGRAPHER or CLIENT, loss of equipment, location property damage, severe weather, & natural disasters. In any rescheduled case, a new contract will be drawn up, outlining the rescheduled date.

Both PHOTOGRAPHER and CLIENT reserve the right to publish any images taken at EVENT online or in print. All images remain the creative property of PHOTOGRAPHER under copyright laws.

PHOTOGRAPHER is not registered to charge GST. Road travel fees up to 30km are included in hourly base price, & CLIENT will not have to pay extra to cover these costs. However, if road travel exceeds 30km, or if sea &/or air travel is required, CLIENT is required to cover these expenses. These will be outlined in the final invoice.

PHOTOGRAPHER will issue client with images in JPEG format via email, included in hourly base price, after final payment is received. Prints may be considered at an additional cost.

Bookings are to be made via and the receipt number that is emailed once the voucher is purchased is to be clearly quoted in the 'Special Requests' section of the booking form.

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